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Who We Are
Who We Are

Meet the Photographer - Patty Robertson

Now a resident of Dripping Springs, Texas, Patty was originally from San Antonio but also spent a dozen years as a kid traveling around the country with her Air Force family. During that time she developed her love for the outdoors and nature. After studying photography in undergraduate school, then practicing law for three decades, Patty now devotes all of her time to photography. Her lifelong passion for photography has now evolved into creating beautiful photographic images through the best use of light, space and time.  Whether it’s seeking out wildlife or landscapes in remote locations, setting up an on-location portrait or covering a story about a local business, Patty uses her camera to tell the best story possible for subject and the client.   Her areas of interest and expertise include wildlife, landscapes, macro, food, editorial and portraits.    She shoots with both DSLR and Mirrorless Canon cameras.  You can contact her for an on-location photo shoot or purchase her prints from the Photo Album Store on the website.


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